Highgrove Education

Clubs & Societies

Our clubs and societies are student-led and offer pupils rich and varied opportunities for personal growth, social interaction and the development of leadership and teamwork skills. They enable pupils to pursue and expand on interests beyond their academic studies.

Chef School UK

Our selection of clubs and societies vary each year as our pupils play an active role in shaping what is available each year. But the following are some examples of the options typically offered: 

Study Online

Debate Club

Chess Tuition

Chess club

Online Course for Photography

Digital Photography Club

Learn Science Online

Science Society

Media Courses

Student Newspaper

Online Book Course UK

Book Club

British Language Exams

Linguistics Society

Invest in a British Education

Economics Society

British Education for Creatives

Creative Society

Media Studies UK

Film Club

British School

Cookery Club

British Art School

Art Club

Learn Online

Entrepreneurs Society

British Science Studies

Medical Research Club

Global Studies in UK

Model United Nations

School Sports Club

We additionally have a number of sports clubs, helping to encourage pupils to maintain a healthy lifestyle away from the computer. Pupils in years 10-11 must take at least one club each term. Pupils in years 12-13 are highly encouraged to take one or more. 

Clubs normally meet once a week throughout during term time.