Highgrove Education

Coaching and University Support

Every pupil is assigned a dedicated learning coach who meets them during the school’s Induction Week and supports them throughout their time at the school. The learning coach provides personalised guidance and mentoring, including exploring future career options and preparing them for university or higher education. They also encourage pupils to actively participate in the school’s clubs and societies, and assist them to develop the skills and mindset required to achieve happiness and success both at our school and in their lives beyond.

The learning coaches meet pupils individually every fortnight and work closely with the pupil’s teachers.

UK University Support

University and Careers

Our learning coaches help pupils explore the direction they wish to take in the future and ensure they are taking the right steps towards achieving those aims.
We support pupils with UK and overseas university applications, guiding them as they select their course and university, compile their applications, write personal statements and/ or college essays and prepare for university interviews.

We also offer preparation courses for many key university admissions examinations as part of our Elective Programme, including: BMAT, UCAT, STEP, TMUA, MAT, PAT and IELTS.

We inspire students to explore different careers through our Careers Talk programme, which brings external speakers into the school, introducing pupils to their field of work and talking through how to enter their profession.

We also invite university students into the school to talk about their experience of their course and university, providing information and inspiration to our current students as they look to the future.