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Build a global circle of life-long friends

Our school is dedicated to delivering outstanding academic outcomes, but we take even greater pride in watching our pupils develop deep, long-lasting friendships with their classmates from around the world. Joining Highgrove means joining a supportive international community where diversity is celebrated and pupils are encouraged to build strong social networks that span continents.

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Join us in making a social impact, worldwide

Today’s students are tomorrow’s leaders; we believe the most important thing students can learn is how to make a positive impact on the world around them. Through our social impact projects we support pupils to identify key issues and challenges affecting the societies in which they live and collaborate with others to instigate change.

The Strength of our Community

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Find your tribe in your School House
Our House Meetings form the backbone of our strong and supportive school community. Houses meet weekly and provide social connections and a sense of belonging for pupils, supporting them to thrive socially and personally. Inter-House competitions promote collaboration and teamwork, and our mentoring system ensures our older pupils encourage and support their younger peers.
Easily meet all of your classmates
Our small class sizes and ‘cameras on’ policy means pupils have ample opportunity to get to know each other and the teacher. Teachers make regular use of breakout rooms to promote discussion and collaboration, and class Teams channels facilitate communication and support between lessons.
No need to study alone
We hold daily ‘Study Halls’ which pupils can join if they’d like to study together with others, or would benefit from the support of a teacher in holding them to account for the work they intend to complete. Groups of pupils can work together in break rooms, or individuals can report in to a teacher, outlining what they plan to achieve in their hour’s study time, and then showing what they’ve achieved by the end of the hour.
Opportunities for leadership and service
Pupils are encouraged to take on a range of leadership roles within the school, including head of house and head of school roles. These pupil representatives serve on the Student Council, meeting fortnightly with the Principal to help shape school policy and structure.
Meet the whole school every week
Each week there is an Assembly which is attended by all pupils and staff at the school. Our Assembly provides an opportunity to strengthen the school community, to celebrate achievements and be inspired by each other; to share school-wide news; and, for some friendly competitions.
And meet with friends IRL
We love to meet up with each other ‘in real life’ after getting to know one another online. It’s always such a joyous occasion, plus it’s a revelation to find out who’s as tall as our principal! We hold an annual End of Year Event in London which many of our overseas families like to fly in for, along with termly meet-ups across the UK. We also make sure that our pupils who live locally to each other are introduced to each other, particularly when a pupil is relocating from one country to another.
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Embracing Social Responsibility

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Cultural Diversity

At Highgrove we believe there is strength in diversity and a wealth of learning you can take from studying alongside others from different cultures and backgrounds. In a world that is too often polarised and divisive, we celebrate our differences and look for our common humanity.

Global Citizenship

Our full time GCSE pupils all take an international GCSE in global citizenship, which helps them develop their understanding of how communities interact locally, nationally, regionally and globally, and develops their perspectives in relation to global issues and change. As part of this qualification, pupils take on a social impact project where they work individually towards solving an issue which negatively impacts their community.

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Community & Social Impact

Social Impact House Projects

Within our Houses our pupils work together to identify and address a social issue which they want to tackle collectively. These can range from environmental concerns to issues related to social inequity, discrimination, health or wellbeing. Each House collaborates on their social impact project to explore ways that they can make a positive difference to the world around them.

Volunteering to peer-teach with an online school charity

Highgrove Online School is fortunate to have a partnership with Svitlo School, an inspirational charity set up to support Ukrainian children whose education has been impacted by the war. Our pupils are invited to volunteer in a peer-teaching scheme, where they lead clubs or societies with small groups of Ukrainian children who want to improve their English and broaden their knowledge base. Pupils from Highgrove have the chance to develop their leadership and presentation skills while learning about different experiences and communities.

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