Highgrove Education

Elective courses

The school’s Elective Programme is designed to provide our pupils with the opportunity to explore areas of interest and scholarship above and beyond the syllabus of their GCSE and A level courses. Some of our elective courses lead to examinations, while others are for general interest, the love of learning or the desire to widen one’s field of knowledge.

All pupils are expected to take at least one elective course, while some take many more.

Elective choices rotate on a termly basis and are dependent on the interests of current pupils.

Elective Courses

Our elective courses

Maths Electives: 

Game theory
GCSE Maths Enrichment
Group theory

Science Electives: 

Special relativity
Advanced Quantum Physics
Physics for Medical Imaging
The Chemistry of Art
Fireworks and Other Explosions
Advanced Quantum Physics
Chemisty in Pharmacology
Chemistry Olympiad
Introduction to Marine Science

Social Science: 

Introduction to Psychology
Sports Psychology
Introduction to Sociology
Exploring Sustainability