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Introduction to Chinese

Chinese is a global key to vibrant cultures, ancient histories, and diverse communities. Spoken by over a billion people worldwide, Mandarin Chinese offers an unparalleled window into the heart of Asia. Whether you’re drawn to the bustling streets of Beijing, the serene landscapes of Guilin, or the intricate flavours of Sichuan cuisine, this introductory course will guide you through the fundamentals of Mandarin Chinese and immerse you in the rich tapestry of Chinese culture.

Key Information



Access Course Enrolment:
  • Enrolment in our pre-GCSE or pre-A level access course.
  • Access to our self-study materials and platform, live class lessons, and individual teacher support in Office Hours.
  • Weekly teacher-marked homework.
  • Half termly reports.
  • Support from our SENDCo for pupils with special educational needs or disabilities, including assessment for access arrangement entitlement.
  • Support with English for pupils whose first language is not English.
  • A Highgrove Education Office365 account, including Teams, SharePoint and a school email
TeacherMr Mike Williams, EAL and EPQ Teacher
Course LengthAcademic Year
Live LessonsOne 45-minute lesson per week
HomeworkApproximately half an hour a week
Entry RequirementsOpen to pupils with beginner or basic level Chinese 

Course Syllabus

Autumn 1Greeting and meeting; asking about names and nationalities.
Autumn 2Asking about classmates and family; numbers, dates & times I; buying.
Spring 1Numbers, dates & times II; locating persons, places & things.
Spring 2Locating persons, places & things II.
Summer 1Situational conversations I.
Summer 2Situational conversations II.

Teacher Profile

Mr Williams grew up in various locations in the UK and overseas, completing his secondary schooling in Hong Kong. He graduated from Leeds University with a BA (Hons) in International History and Politics and gained an MPhil in Modern Languages from Dundee University. Mike has been teaching English and IELTS for over thirty years, most recently with Harrow School Online. As well as teaching English as an Additional Language in UK independent schools, Mike has lived and taught in universities and international schools in China and Abu Dhabi. He is an examiner for the CIE IGCSE English as a Second Language paper and has also been an IELTS examiner.