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Master Life's Challenges with DBT

Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) is a therapeutic approach complete with a set of tools helpful when navigating life’s challenges. These are helpful skills for everyone. This course teaches DBT skills as an analytical and practical approach to help you to develop in the following areas:

  • Mindfulness: be present in the moment, gain self-awareness, and reduce suffering.
  • Distress Tolerance: cope with difficult emotions and situations in healthy ways.
  • Emotion Regulation: understand and manage your emotions effectively.
  • Interpersonal Effectiveness: communicate assertively, set boundaries, and build healthy relationships.
  • Walking the Middle Path: find balance between acceptance and change.

Whether managing social interactions, family dynamics or academic pressures, DBT skills equip you with the tools to navigate life’s calm and stormy seas.

Key Information



Access Course Enrolment:
  • Enrolment in our pre-GCSE or pre-A level access course.
  • Access to our self-study materials and platform, live class lessons, and individual teacher support in Office Hours.
  • Weekly teacher-marked homework.
  • Half termly reports.
  • Support from our SENDCo for pupils with special educational needs or disabilities, including assessment for access arrangement entitlement.
  • Support with English for pupils whose first language is not English.
  • A Highgrove Education Office365 account, including Teams, SharePoint and a school email
TeacherMs Karen Cowan, Director of Neurodiversity & Adapted Learning
Course LengthAcademic Year
Live LessonsOne 45-minute lesson per week
HomeworkShort, fun weekly homework tasks to practise newly learned skills.
Entry RequirementsNone. Please note that this course is DBT-informed rather than a full-model programme; it teaches the skillsets of DBT but does not incorporate one-to-one sessions with a DBT therapist.

Course Syllabus

Autumn 1Introduction to DBT and Mindfulness; Walking the Middle Path
Autumn 2Distress Tolerance
Spring 1Emotional Regulation
Spring 2Emotional Regulation Skills continued
Summer 1Interpersonal Effectiveness
Summer 2Interpersonal Effectiveness

Teacher Profile

Ms Cowan is dedicated to supporting individuals to embrace their individual strengths and acquire strategies to overcome challenges so they can access the wider curriculum, enjoy the process of learning and achieve their potential. She trained as a SpLD (Patoss) Dyslexia Assessor in 2012, with a specialism in dysgraphia and hypermobility. She has a particular interest and expertise in neurodivergent conditions, working memory and processing difficulties. She been a SENco since 2019, taking responsibility for determining and providing appropriate support for students at school. She is an UCLA-trained PEERS Provider and is trained to lead DBT-informed sessions for adolescents and for families.