Highgrove Education

Our inspiring Enrichment Programme

We take great pride in guiding our pupils to achieve their academic aspirations, but we are equally dedicated to preparing them for a life beyond school. Our Enrichment Programme provides a wealth of opportunities for pupils to go above and beyond their academic studies, enabling them to develop 21st century skills while forming lasting, global friendships. 

 As well as offering clubs, societies and electives as part of our enrchment programme, we have a programme of weekly 1:1 coaching sessions and a range of community and character building programmes.

Student Enrichment Programme


Once a week the whole school comes together for an Assembly. This provides an opportunity to strengthen the school community, to celebrate achievements and be inspired by each other; to share school-wide news; and, for some friendly competitions. 

Online Enrichment Assemblies
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In accordance with one of the oldest and grandest traditions of the British education system, each pupil is assigned to a House. The Houses meet weekly and are led by a House Tutor, with the support of elected Heads of House, providing a connection between pupils and staff that extends beyond the classroom.

As well as providing structure, social connections, and a sense of belonging for pupils, supporting them to thrive academically, socially and personally, the school’s healthy inter-House competitions promote collaboration and teamwork. Additionally, friendships are developed and strengthened by mentoring across year groups.

The House Award

The House Award is designed to encourage and empower pupils to participate in a range of extra-curricular activities outside of the classroom environment, developing character, fostering friendships, and promoting leadership, service and a sense of personal fulfilment. Pupils can take part in activities either online or in their local community. Pupils need to evidence their involvement in activities in four channels: 

We support pupils to find extra-curricular activities which will allow them to pursue their own passions and develop new interests.  For example, Highgrove Online School has a peer-teaching partnership with Svitlo School, a charitable school supporting Ukrainian pupils who have been impacted by the war.  Participation in the peer-teaching scheme can count towards Charity and Service on the House Award. 

Skills & Mindset Courses 

Our Skills & Mindset course supports pupils to flourish as independent learners and guides them as they navigate their journey to adulthood. The lessons go beyond the traditional academic curriculum, developing soft skills, self-reflection and personal growth, providing them with the critical 21st century life skills that they will need to enjoy a happy and fulfilling life. Pupils take one Skills and Mindset lesson each week in small, discussion-based classes. 

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Personal, Social, Health & Economic Education

‘PSHE’ lessons

Aspects of personal, social, health and economic education which are not covered within the Skills & Mindset course are taught in standalone PSHE lessons. This includes lessons around citizenship and society, personal safety, sex and relationships and financial literacy. These lessons empower pupils with essential knowledge, skills, and attitudes to thrive in their personal lives, make informed decisions and contribute positively to society.

Pupils can be excused from aspects of PSHE education on the request of their parents or guardian.