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Entrance requirements

Pupils who wish to join our GCSE and A level programmes take entrance assessments to check that they will be able to thrive on our academically rigorous programmes. We look for potential as much as performance, and take into account the full picture of a pupil’s background and ability.  

Entry Requirements for British Private School
GCSE Entrance Assessments 

For entrance to our GCSE courses, pupils take a three-part examination, normally in a single sitting. 

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30 minute test:
English Literature and Literacy

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30 minute test:

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30 minute test:

A level Entrance Assessment 

For entrance to our A level courses, pupils take a forty-five minute examination in each subject they wish to take at A level. Tests can be split over multiple sittings if preferred.

GCSE grades can also be taken as evidence of ability at A level; pupils are generally expected to achieve or be predicted at least a 7, 8 or 9 in the subjects they would like to continue at A level.

Entry Exams for British School

In addition to the above, pupils applying to join Highgrove Online School should have:

  • A standard of English which will allow pupils to be successful at GCSE and/or A Level and be able to follow the instructions of our online teachers.
  • Self-motivation and self-management.
  • A good behavioural record and the potential for leadership and service.

Pupils who do not meet our entry requirements may wish to consider taking a pre-GCSE or pre-A level access course or academic tutoring with us prior to starting their programme.

Standard of English

Pupils who speak English as additional language are asked to take an English language test as part of their admission process to check on their language level.
The ideal minimum level of English for study at Highgrove Online School is:
Level required to study GCSEs Level required to study A Levels  
PTE Academic 4258
IELTS  5.56.5
TOEFL (IBT)  5586
Versant 5063

Pupils with a lower level of English are likely to require additional English language support to be able to fully access the school curriculum. Our expert teacher of English as an Additional Language (EAL) will provide guidance on this as part of the admissions process.