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Individual courses

Do you want to study a subject that your school doesn’t offer? Are you studying at home, but looking for teaching for some subjects? Do you want to expand your mind with one of our elective courses? Or upgrade your academic CV with the EPQ? Or take a university access exam preparation course, such as BMAT or IELTS?

One on One Online Tuition

Excellent teaching, flexible learning

Our individual courses allow you to tailor your education to suit your needs, offering excellent teaching with the flexibility of taking only the course or courses that you want to study. Study alongside our full-time pupils in timetabled group classes, with self-paced interactive self-study lessons and teacher-marked homework to support your progress. You can study individual GCSEs, individual A levels, the Extended Project Qualification (‘EPQ’), and/or join one of our thought-provoking elective courses.

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Individual GCSEs and A levels

Academic excellence, at a time that suits you

Our academic learning model is based on best-practice learning research, and uses a ‘flipped classroom’ teaching approach to ensure that concepts are understood and effectively remembered. Pupils work independently through GCSE or A level self-study materials to learn the key concepts, at a time and pace that suits them, and then attend live lessons to practise and apply what they have learnt. Live lessons are at a fixed time, either between 0800-1100, 1400-1600 or 1600-1800 UK time to accommodate our students from different parts of the world. Our teachers also host regular Office Hours which pupils can drop into if they have questions about what they’ve learnt. Our teaching calendar follows the British academic year, which runs from September to July.

A wide range of GCSEs and A levels to choose from

At Highgrove we teach Pearson Edexcel International GCSEs and A levels, which are recognised by leading universities and employers around the world.

If you wish to study a subject that is not listed above here, please speak to our Admissions team about your specific learning needs.

GCSEsA levels
English LanguageEconomics
English LiteratureEnglish Literature
Global CitizenshipFurther Maths
Flipped Learning

Dedicated support at your fingertips

Every pupil who studies more than one GCSE or A level is assigned a dedicated academic coordinator who mentors and supports them. The academic coordinator meets the pupil once a fortnight and liaises regularly with their family to ensure that the pupil meets their learning goals.

Everything you need to achieve your ambitions

Whichever subject you choose, we provide you with everything that you will need to achieve your ambitions:

Flipped Learning Online

Your studies, your way

If you need more flexibility in your studies than is possible with our group classes, please speak to our Admissions team to discuss how we can meet your specific needs.

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Level-up your academic CV with the EPQ

The Extended Project Qualification (‘EPQ’) is a qualification that helps develop pupils’ critical, reflective, problem-solving and independent learning skills. As well as preparing you with key life skills for the 21st century, it can also help with your university application. Many universities acknowledge the EPQ in their offers, sometimes reducing grade requirements.

The EPQ runs from January to November each year, with assessment submitted to the exam board in January. The EPQ is a mentally challenging course that requires higher order thinking skills. It is best suited to pupils who are in the first year of their A level studies, or aged 17-18. Please speak to our Admissions team if you are of a different age but wish to study it.

Flipped Learning

What's in the EPQ

Our course has 22 live lessons, 22 self-study lessons, and weekly homework. Pupils require an additional 40-80 hours to complete their project to a high level. Each pupil is assigned a dedicated project supervisor who meets with them fortnightly to act as a catalyst and facilitator of your research process.

For more information about the EPQ, and the benefits of studying it, see this page. We are enrolling now for January 2024. Click here to complete an enquiry form or here to apply.

We provide everything you need to succeed

Learning Through Education
Private British Studies

An Elective Programme to excite and broaden the mind

We offer a wide range of Elective courses which are designed to provide pupils with the opportunity to explore areas of interest and scholarship beyond the syllabus of their GCSE and A level courses. Some of our elective courses lead to examinations, while others are for the love of learning, the desire to widen one’s field of knowledge and to enhance your academic CV.

Our rich Elective Programme is ideal for pupils who are studying at home, but want to stretch their minds – and meet other pupils. Some electives run across multiple terms or the academic year, while others are stand-alone courses for a single term. Sign up for a single elective, or take a selection of courses to broaden your knowledge base.

Examples of our elective courses

Electives leading to examinations: 

Language electives:

General interest electives:

Everything you need to expand your mind

Private British Education


Yes, through one to one tuition. If you wish to study a subject that is not listed above, please speak to our Admissions team about your specific learning needs.  Contact
GCSE and A level exams must be taken at a registered Pearson Edexcel International approved examination centre. They cannot be taken online. We help all our pupils find a suitable examination centre for every exam that they take with us, wherever they are in the world.
If you are studying at another school, in addition to your course(s) with us, that school will normally allow you to take the exam(s) there. If they do not permit this, we will help you find a suitable alternative venue.
International GCSEs (iGCSEs) and A levels (IALs) are the international equivalents of the ‘National’ GCSEs and A levels and are taken by pupils in international and online schools studying the British curriculum. The curriculum includes international context and examples. International A levels are modular qualifications, meaning pupils take an AS (‘Advanced Subsidiary’) level in the first year and then further modules to complete their full A level in the second year. International GCSEs are normally examined at the end of the second year, although modular International GCSEs are being introduced. The national and international versions of GCSEs and A levels are both recognised by leading universities and employers throughout the world.
Yes, it makes no difference which exam board you study with, they are all recognised by the English examinations regulator: Ofqual. Whoever your exam provider is, your results are all equally recognised by universities and employers globally. In fact, many schools offer different exam boards for different qualifications. If you have questions on this, please speak to our Admissions team.
The academic year for our school runs from September to July. Pupils who wish to join a course after September will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis, with consideration given to the amount of learning that they have missed and in cases of transfer from another school, the materials covered prior to joining us. Please contact our Admissions team to discuss your specific situation.
No. Examination fees are a separate cost and charged by the examination centre. Speak to the Admissions team for more information about how we assist you to find a suitable exam centre.
We review applicants on a case-by-case basis, but pupils should be under 18 on the first day of their course.
The entry requirements for studying an individual course are the same as for our full-time pupils. Please see here 
If you want to study 5 or more GCSEs, or 3 or more A levels, we recommend that you join our school full-time.
Sorry to hear that, but yes, we do offer re-sit courses. Please speak to our Admissions team about your specific needs.
Pupils taking the EPQ will be asked to take a short entrance test to ensure their written English is sufficient for an extended written project, and may be invited to speak with the course supervisor to check that this course is a good fit for them.
The EPQ is a mentally challenging course that requires higher order thinking skills. It is best suited to pupils who are in the first year of their A level studies, or aged 17-18. Please speak to our Admissions team if you are of a different age, but wish to join the course.
There are 22 live lessons in our EPQ course, as well as the requirement to complete an additional 40-80 hours of independent study. While you can join the course later it will mean that you will have to watch the recordings of any live lessons that you have missed and catch up on missed meetings with your project supervisor. Late admissions is approved on a case-by-case basis and there is no reduction in fee. Please contact our Admissions team to discuss your specific situation.
The EPQ is based on your project, or portfolio of work, and it is marked by your course teacher. There is no exam to take.
Yes, of course. But unless you are taking two or more academic courses (GCSEs, A levels, the EPQ), there is an extra charge for an academic coordinator. Please speak to our admissions team if you would like this extra level of support.
No, there are no entry requirements to join our exciting programme of Elective courses.
As many as you want, timetable space permitting! There is a £200 fee per course, per term. If you would like to join several electives you may find it is more cost-effective to join our full Enrichment programme instead, in which you can take as many electives as you like.
Yes, of course. But there is an extra charge for the academic coordinator in this instance. Please speak to our Admissions team if you would like this extra level of support.