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Highgrove Online School is a full-time, co-educational school which offers an outstanding British education, online, for pupils aspiring to achieve their full potential at GCSE and A Level. The School supports the development of all of its pupils into well-rounded and intellectually curious global citizens of the future.

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Is Highgrove Online School for you?

Pupils who study at Highgrove Online School come from all over the world, but share a desire to achieve to the best of their ability and a willingness to develop as independent learners. Highgrove serves students who are looking for:

How do pupils learn?

At Highgrove, pupils learn to take responsibility for their own learning

Pupils work through interactive self-study materials prior to attending live taught lessons, where they apply and extend their knowledge. Live lessons and extra-curricular clubs and electives are at fixed times (either morning or afternoon UK time, depending on time zone), but pupils are responsible for completing their self-study work and assignments to a schedule that they design. They are assisted by their teachers and learning coach to develop into successful independent learners, and follow a Skills and Mindset course which explicitly teaches the micro-skills required.

Pupils receive additional help from their teachers whenever they need it through drop-in office hours sessions, and are supported as they progress towards their academic goals via regular meetings with their House Tutor. In addition, all pupils have fortnightly 1:1s with their dedicated learning coach, who provides them with support and guidance, as well as exploring their university and future career aspirations. 

Learn with the Best:

Our Teachers

The teachers at Highgrove Online School are experts at delivering effective and engaging teaching and learning in a global, online school. They all have several years of experience teaching their subject, including substantial online teaching experience, and most are additionally GCSE or A Level examiners.

Online British Teachers
Online British Tuition

Our Learning Coaches

Every pupil is assigned a dedicated learning coach who supports them throughout their time at the school. The learning coach provides personalised guidance and mentoring, including exploring future career options, and supporting them throughout the application processes for university or higher education. They encourage pupils to actively participate in the extracurricular programme and assist them to develop the skills and mindset required to achieve happiness and success both at our school and in their lives beyond.

Learning coaches meet pupils individually every week and liaise regularly with parents.

Our Parents

The parents of pupils at our school have a unique and detailed insight into their child’s learning journey and can play a critical role in their child’s success.

Parents are able to see their child’s progress and performance, in real-time, via our intuitive learning platform. We encourage parents to use this detailed insight to support and motivate their child in their learning journey – but the school delivers all of the teaching, so parents can be as much or as little involved as they like!

Online British Tutors
What truly sets Highgrove Online School apart is the exceptional teaching staff, led by Principal Ms Rhodes and her staff, who are dedicated to their students' success. They’ve managed to perfect the art of transferring exceptional teaching into an online format and consistently provide their students with an outstanding academic experience that surpasses the norm.

Beyond the convenience and flexibility, online schools like Highgrove provide a nurturing environment that fosters both academic and personal growth. Our experience with online education has brought our family closer. It allowed us to be actively involved in our son Tray-Sean’s education and share in his growth and achievements. This is why I’m looking forward to my daughter Yasmine joining, as I know what to expect from Highgrove and their staff.
Sabrina, mother of Tray-Sean and Yasmine
British Education Lessons

Our Guardians

If parents choose to, they can nominate a guardian to liaise with the school on their behalf.  

Guardians become the main point of contact for school staff and monitor the pupil’s performance, progress and attendance. We can provide a bilingual guardian for an extra charge for families who would like this additional service.

Our Houses

In accordance with one of the oldest and grandest traditions of the British education system, each pupil is assigned to a House. The Houses meet weekly and are led by a House Tutor, with the support of a pupil who has been elected as Head of House.

Our House system provides structure, social connections and a sense of belonging for pupils, supporting them to thrive academically, socially and personally. Our inter-House competitions promote collaboration and teamwork, and provide a connection between pupils and staff that extends beyond the classroom. Friendships are developed and strengthened by pupils mentoring other pupils across year groups.

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