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Karen Cowan

Karen Cowan is dedicated to supporting individuals to embrace their individual strengths and acquire strategies to overcome challenges so they can access the wider curriculum, enjoy the process of learning and achieve their potential. She is passionate about the importance of an individualised approach irrespective of diagnosis, and a strong advocate for the recognition of neurological differences as part of human variation.

After completing a degree in Social Psychology and a PGCE in multilingual classrooms, Karen trained as a SpLD (Patoss) Dyslexia Assessor in 2012, with a specialism in dysgraphia and hypermobility. She has a particular interest and expertise in neurodivergent conditions, working memory and processing difficulties. She has held the role of SENco since 2019, taking responsibility for determining and providing appropriate support for students at school. This has included managing the provision of access arrangement for examinations, learning interventions for reading and spelling, and programmes related to emotional regulation and social interactions. She is an UCLA-trained PEERS Provider and is trained to lead DBT-informed sessions for adolescents and for families.

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