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Outstanding teaching and learning for your school or academy

Highgrove Education partners with schools and performing arts and sports academies around the world to provide their pupils with flexible education of the highest quality. From cover supply teaching, to 1:1 tutoring and through to the provision of an entire sixth form curriculum, we provide a flexible range of outstanding teaching and learning services, how and when you need them.

Online School UK

Flexible teaching solutions to meet your specific needs

We can support your school or academy with our broad range of International GCSE and A level subjects, as well as university entrance preparation courses and beyond.

There are options for your pupils to have their own dedicated teacher and live lessons, or to join one of Highgrove Online School’s classes, or for you to use our interactive self-study materials with your teaching staff.

Contact us to discuss your specific needs in more detail, whether you need support for only one pupil, or an entire cohort.

A trusted partner with an excellent academic track record

The track record of our teachers is second to none. All have taught extensively online, and they receive comprehensive training in best-practice online teaching, learning and safeguarding as part of their thorough induction programme. They are all subject experts with experience and qualifications related to their field, and many of them are also examiners.

An Academic Team

with a stellar track record

Our core team previously led Harrow School Online, which achieved the best A level grades of any online school in the world in both 2022 and 2023: 

Top 1%

of UK independent school

A level results


of A levels awarded A*-A

vs 47% for all UK independent schools
vs 27% across all UK schools 


of UK university places
at a Russell Group university

including Cambridge, Oxford, Imperial

Small classes and a pedagogical model designed to develop independent learners

Our GCSE and A level courses are taught using a flipped model of learning, promoting independent learning and ensuring concepts are understood and fully retained. Pupils work independently through our interactive self-study materials at a time and pace that suits them to learn the key concepts, and then attend live lessons to practise and apply what they have learnt. Our teachers also host regular Office Hours which pupils can drop into, if they have questions about what they’ve learnt.

School Timetable

Ideal for pupils in need of a more flexible school timetable

Traditional school timetables are not suitable for many young performers and athletes, with their long hours of practicing, performing and competing. Our curriculum model requires only 1.5 hours of live lessons per GCSE or A level each week, providing pupils with the flexibility required to be able to achieve success in their non-academic goals.

A pupil taking 3 A levels has just over 5 hours each week of fixed academic commitments from their A level and Skills lessons, with approximately 15 hours additionally study at a time and location that suits them. While our full-time pupils normally take a wide range of clubs and electives alongside their academic lessons, our young performers and athletes may choose to focus exclusively on their training, performance and competitions instead.

Success for the pupil, and you

Our expert teachers and tutors will support your pupils to achieve their ambitions. And we will provide your academy or school with comprehensive support to ensure that you share in your pupils’ successes and achieve your ambitions:

Whether you have only one pupil who needs support, or an entire cohort, contact us today to hear how we can deliver successful outcomes your specific needs:

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