Highgrove Education

SEND Support

Pupils with special educational needs and/ or disabilities (SEND) are warmly welcome at Highgrove Online School, and may find that our flexible and personalised approach to learning is well-suited to their needs. We caringly and comprehensively support all pupils towards their learning ambitions during their time at the school. 

Online SEND Courses
During the admission process, our SENDCo meets with families to discuss their individual needs to ensure that our school can appropriately support and accommodate them, and help them flourish.

At the start of the school, our SENDCo draws up an Individual Learning Plan (ILP) for pupils with SEND in consultation with the pupil and their family.
ILPs and the individual learning strategies and interventions are securely shared with the child’s teachers so that any accommodations required during classes or tests are put in place.

The SENDCo meets with every pupil with SEND on a regular basis to ensure that their needs are being met, and updates the ILP to proscribe additional interventions if necessary.

Each week, during the school’s senior leadership team Pastoral Committee meeting, the SENDCo discusses any concerns about a pupil with SEND that may have come to their attention and also notifies the pastoral team of any material ILP changes.

The SENDCo also works with our examinations team to ensure that all formally approved ‘access arrangements’ are shared in advance with the Pearson Edexcel International examination centre.

We offer online assessments for a range of special educational needs, and referrals in the case of needs which cannot be assessed by our SENDCo online.