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A flexible timetable to suit your needs

One of the many advantages of studying at an online school is the flexibility of the school timetable. We know that many pupils have other commitments which make a traditional school timetable challenging. This includes pupils who are aspiring actors, athletes, dancers and musicians, as well as those who are gaining work experience or are carers for members of their family. And of course, some pupils just prefer to study later or earlier in the day than is possible in a traditional school. 

Online School Timetable
British School

A learning model to maximise learning and flexibility

Our comprehensive learning model is based on independent self-study lessons and small group live lessons. The live lessons must be attended at the set time, but they are taught at multiple times during the day ensuring that pupils from a range of time zones are catered for. The self-study lessons can be studied at a time of the pupil’s choosing, so long as they are completed before the relevant live lesson. In this way each pupil can create a timetable that is unique to their needs and preferences.

The learning coach works closely with each pupil at the start of the academic year to help them create a timetable that is suitable to their needs, while also ensuring that it is well-balanced and will keep them on track for academic success.

An example of an A level timetable

UK TimeLocal Time
(India +5.5hrs)
08:00 - 08:4513:30 - 14:15PhysicsEconomicsPhysicsMaths
09:00 - 09:4514:30 - 15:15MathsStudy Skills & MindsetEconomics
10:00 - 10:4515:30 - 16:15Whole School AssemblyPAT Exam Preparation ElectiveHouse MeetingHouse Meeting
11:00 - 11:4516:30 - 17:15Math Challenge ElectiveChess ClubScience SocietyComputer Programming Elective
12:00 - 12:4517:30 - 18:15Student NewspaperIntroduction to Investment ElectiveBook Club
13:00 - 13:4518:30 - 19:15Economics SocietyDebate Society
14:00 - 14:4519:30 - 20:15
15:00 - 15:4520:30 - 21:15