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Principal Heather Rhodes

Our Story

Highgrove Education was founded by the core academic team behind Harrow School Online, including our Principal, Heather Rhodes, and over ten of the staff. At Harrow School Online, we supported our pupils to achieve some of the best A level grades in the UK, with 78% of A levels in 2023 awarded either A* or A.

Highgrove Online School is owned and run by the Principal and other founding members of our academic and support team, with a little help along the way from educational investors who felt strongly that there should be a place for high quality online education. Our team are therefore highly invested in the success of our pupils and school, with a drive to ensure that the quality of provision is second to none. Highgrove Education is the bespoke provider of educational services, and Highgrove Online School is our flagship provision, setting the standards for high-quality online schooling.

Heather Rhodes School Principal UK

Our Principal

Heather Rhodes has been a pioneer in online education for over ten years, and is a strong advocate of the potential of technology to transform education. She was the founding Principal of Harrow School Online, the first purpose-designed fully online British education from a leading private school. Prior to this she founded an online tutoring organisation for international students wanting to improve their level of English.

Along the way Heather has gained extensive online teaching and management experience, with a deep understanding of how pupils learn best in an online environment. She is particularly interested in the potential of online education for building global communities of learning and increasing the accessibility of exceptional education.

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