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Preparing for success at GCSE and A level

Our pre-GCSE and pre-A level courses help pupils bridge knowledge gaps, building their confidence and easing the transition from their current education to the demands of GCSE and A level programmes. They are perfect for pupils transitioning from a homeschool education, or currently studying another national curriculum, as well as those who need to improve their English language skills before engaging in the next stage of their education. They are also popular with international pupils who are preparing to attend a UK boarding school.

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Rigorous courses designed to support your ambitions

Our pre-GCSE and pre-A level courses are up to one year long and provide pupils with comprehensive preparation for success in the next stage of their learning. Each course is composed of three units, with an optional English Language unit for those pupils who require additional English support:
SubjectsPre-GCSEPre-A level
English for Academic Studies
Optional: English Language for EAL pupils

If you wish to take lessons to prepare for additional subjects, please contact our Admissions team to discuss how our individual tutoring service can support you.

The courses are taught during the September to July academic year, and pupils are welcome to join the course from the beginning of the academic year or at a later point. If you need to make faster progress or study outside of the regular academic calendar, please contact our Admissions team to find out how we can meet your specific needs.

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An educational model designed to ease the transition

The learning model for our pre-GCSE and pre-A level courses allows pupils to build up their independent learning ability in preparation for our GCSE and A level courses. Pupils work through materials set by teachers on our learning platform and practise what they learn in live lessons.

Highgrove teachers additionally host regular Office Hours which pupils can drop into for individual support.

Engaging lessons, small class sizes,
flexible timetable

Everything you need to prepare for future success

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An opportunity to make friends around the world

We take great pride in guiding our pupils to achieve their academic aspirations, but we recognise that many pupils, particularly those being homeschooled, also want warm, social interaction. If you have time in your schedule, we recommend that you also consider joining our engaging Enrichment Programme. It develops 21st century skills, while providing the opportunity to begin to form lasting global friendships, as well as meeting some of your future school-mates.

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Contact our Admissions team today to learn about our simple application process, and how our pre-GCSE or pre-A level course can help you successfully transition to the next stage of your learning journey.