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How can you provide a full extra-curricular programme online?

Extra-curricular education

We believe that being an online school shouldn’t be a barrier to offering an outstanding extra-curricular programme. Our extra-curricular provision is second to none. As well as offering clubs, societies and elective courses as part of our enrichment programme, we have a range of community and character-building programmes. 

Highgrove Online School Assemblies

Once a week the whole school comes together for an Assembly. This provides an opportunity to strengthen the school community, to celebrate achievements and be inspired by each other, to share school-wide news, and to take part in our ‘weekly challenge’ quiz.

Highgrove Online School Houses…

In accordance with one of the oldest and grandest traditions of the British education system, each pupil is assigned to a House. Our Houses meet weekly and are led by a House Tutor, with the support of elected Heads of House from the student body, providing a connection between pupils and staff that extends beyond the classroom. Our Heads of Houses serve on the student council, meeting fortnightly with the Principal to facilitate feedback and provide pupil input into decisions about the school provision.

.. and our online school house award

We run a House Award for our pupils, which is designed to encourage and empower pupils to participate in a range of extra-curricular activities outside of the classroom environment, developing character, fostering friendships, and promoting leadership, service and a sense of personal fulfilment. Most of these activities take place in the pupil’s local community, although some also take place online.  Our online school pupils need to evidence their involvement in activities in four channels: Charity and Service; The Arts; Sport and Wellbeing; and Academic Development.

We support pupils to find extra-curricular activities which will allow them to pursue their own passions and develop new interests.  For example, Highgrove Online School has a peer-teaching partnership with Svitlo School (link to www.svitloschool.com) , a charitable online school supporting Ukrainian pupils who have been impacted by the war.  Participation in the peer-teaching scheme can count towards Charity and Service on the House Award.

Online school student-led clubs and societies

Our online clubs and societies are student-led and offer pupils rich and varied opportunities for personal growth, social interaction and the development of leadership and teamwork skills. They enable pupils to pursue and expand on interests beyond their academic studies. Our selection of clubs and societies vary each year as our pupils play an active role in shaping what is available each year. Some of the more popular clubs that run every year are debate club, chess club, science society, economics society, book club, health and fitness society and a school newspaper.

We additionally have a number of sports clubs, ensuring pupils maintain a healthy lifestyle away from the computer. Pupils in years 10-11 (GCSE level) must take at least one sports club each term, or have a signed record from a parent of alternative exercise or sports clubs they participate in.

Our online school outstanding elective programme

Our flagship elective programme is designed to provide the opportunity to explore areas of interest and scholarship above and beyond the syllabus of GCSE and A level courses. Elective choices rotate on a termly basis and are dependent on the interests of current pupils, and range from subjects as diverse as sports psychology, game theory, advanced quantum physics, AI literacy, and creative writing. We also offer courses preparing pupils for university admissions tests such as BMAT and STEP as part of this programme.

The breadth and depth of our elective programme gives our pupils the opportunity to shine.  For example, we offer an elective that teaches pupils about investment and securities, preparing them for exams from the Chartered Institue of Securities and Investments. These exams are designed for post-graduate pupils, and supporting our pupils to achieve these qualifications so young is testament to the stretch and challenge of our programme.

In person meet ups for online school pupils

As an international school we hold many of our social events online, including regular student-led socials.  However, we love to meet up in person ‘in real life’ when possible.  We hold an annual summer event in London which many of our international families fly in for, along with termly meet ups across the UK.  We also make sure that our pupils who live locally to one another are introduced to each other, particularly when a pupil is relocating from one country to another.

Final thoughts

Our enrichment programme provides a wealth of opportunities for pupils to go above and beyond their academic studies, enabling them to develop 21st century skills while forming lasting, global friendships. We know that for many pupils, the extra-curricular programme is their favourite part of studying with us, and we love to see our students shine outside their GCSEs and A levels. 

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